Sloan Lauinger is a writer, speaker, consultant, capital markets pro, and co-founder of 2 start-ups. She works with spiritually inclined women and men wanting to experience higher quality, intimate relationships and top business results (increased wealth). Sloan works the connected nature of self, love and money to connect the dots of her client's pain and disconnect in order to support their breakthroughs in business efficiency and/or connection in relationship.

Her mission and conviction is for everyone to become emotionally & financially FREE, thriving in soul and owing who they be without apology.

With each unique client relationship, Sloan creates a step by step blueprint and timeline for her clients to live into as growth occurs and healing & higher level embodiment progresses. The 3 tiers in which she coaches are: mind-body, soul-self, business-money. 

Core pieces to Sloan's process involve: 
(1) Metacognition (creating higher performance patterns and re-programming limiting belief systems)
(2) Unleashing self expression & authentic communication (demonstrated way of being)
(3) Systems and processes that support efficient and effective wealth and time creation
(4) Continuous feedback and accountability

Are you stuck in your soul, plateaued in income or disconnected in relationship? 

Inquire here as to what options may serve you. 
  •  One on one coaching is custom based on need; monthly unlimited or VIP day intensive.  Inquire here to schedule and intro call for inquiry & best fit. 
  •   Primary source of support is phone call. Video when available and upon request. You are welcome to take notes. Calls are not recorded. Deliverables are coaching, blueprint and access to all courses (as a private client). VIP days are held over Zoom (video) or in person in your city, mine or a destination of our choice. 
  •  Sessions are scheduled via my calendar link, are held weekly or bi-weekly as needed, and held on Wednesday's unless by alternate request.  
  •  Access to any courses I put out that already exist or are created and launched during your our time coaching together
  •  Text and messenger support unlimited for monthly/annual 1x1 clients. 
  •  The internal stuff. We go deep and re-write the stories that are presently defining your life and re-write all that ongoing creating a higher performance mindset and state of being. 
  •  The money stuff. We restructure offers, realign pricing, ask for the raise, increase your worth and maximize your ability to receive in all areas. 
  •  The technical stuff.  You have access to all I've learned in my personal transformation and as I grow my business. Systems, programs, resources, how to drive traffic, make offers, support copywriting, course creation, etc. The purpose is supporting you getting the best results possible. 
  •  The relationship stuff.  We work on vulnerability, connection and voice with self and our communication with others. Failed communication is the core of many unnecessary disputes, unaccepted offers and failed business practises. Clean this piece up and a lot of other areas dramatically change. 
  •  The execution and accountability stuff. Walking the talk and implementing it all. You're kept motivated and accountable by me as you reach every goal.  
  •  Change in physiology. When you becoming unrestricted in who you show up as your cells and DNA change. Your weight shifts & releases (it's no longer in protection mode spiking cortisol), muscles in your face will soften (as you experience ease not force), tension in your shoulders will release, you'll physically become more flexible, your mind will feel more clear and you'll naturally hydrate more instead of filling a hole in your soul otherwise. Results not guaranteed though have been a large bi-product of the work. 
  •  Increased revenue and expanded wealth. Two parted in owning you worth, knowing how to access it and put the steps to create and receive into action. 
  •  Own your schedule. Time suddenly becomes yours again when you are clear, organized, systemized and focused. 
  •  Connected relationships. Your new way of being will open the doors for new personal and professional relationships.
  •  Confidence. Heightened clarity, confidence and creativity through self discovery and doing the work whether personal or professional. 
"Like most people who are opening the doors to a new business (taking on risk) questions flood in no matter how experienced or confident you are. Sloan supported me naming my business (insisted I use my name even though I was hesitant), gave advice around my service menu and pricing (not easy). We talked about who my clients got to be and what I wanted my work to feel like. Today I have dream clients, rarely have open space in my calendar and life is good - with more secret things in the works. Whether a money conversation or business decision, Sloan makes it feel easy and works fast. " - Melissa Baker, Faces by Melissa Baker

"I came to Sloan with an idea near and dear to my heart, and some already complete pieces to the puzzle. Sloan asked questions and challenged me to think about legacy, not just cash flow today. Instead of selling product door to door, Sloan showed me the contrast in brand value, scale and how to work with strategic partners. Although it's taken time to bring our product to market, the things we learned throughout the process, my team and I wouldn't have learned otherwise - we dodged more than a few big financial bullets in the moment! Sloan's gift is pulling out your vision, giving it voice and empowering you to step into your worth - even if that worth is a product your voice speaking for. She thinks fast on her feet and is a true team player when you're working with her. Look for Groomer & George on shelves now!" - Candice Zerb, CEO & Founder Groomer & George Apothecary (eco-luxe dog apothecary)

"I had taken a couple courses in the past but knew if I really wanted my business to scale I needed more one-on-one attention and that's exactly what I got not only working privately with her but also in her group coaching programs. Sloan has empowered me with achieving clarity around both my personal and business finances. She lit a fire under me to go big in my business and helped me realize I could achieve anything with the perfect combo of determination & strategy. Within 5 months of working with Sloan I was able to comfortably leave my corporate job to pursue my dreams as an online life coach. I point everyone I know interested in starting a business her way. I highly encourage anyone interested in getting clear around their finances and scaling their business (or starting one) to follow Sloan's work. I am incredibly grateful for all of her help." - Lexi Schaffer, Intuitive Marketing Coach & Kundalini Master

"I LOVE Sloan! When I met Sloan, I was floundering as a newbie in the online marketing world. I had some things in place, but I felt totally overwhelmed by all there was to do to be successful. Sloan helped ground me in some core online marketing knowledge that no one else was teaching me - and she did it in a way that was clear, action-oriented, and exciting. She carefully and lovingly helped me wrap my mind around complex marketing ideas while paying close attention to my business, my personality, and my strengths. So that what she helped me understand and create - ultimately - is now a game changer for how I attract my ideal clients and excite them with the knowledge and wisdom I'm here to offer and serve. Sloan is generous, smart, strategic, and knowledgeable. She's the whole package and I look forward to ANY time I get to work with her or beside her again. - Talya Lutzker, Talya's Kitchen and Ayurveda with Talya
"Sloan knew I was interested in moving from Vancouver to LA and understood the serious steps to the process in doing so. She asked to see my bio - revised it, and guided me on a few important emails; what to say, when to say, how to say. Today I'm living in LA, loving my life, work and clients. I've done the work to get here myself, though know the delicacy of business communication she helped with made a difference. Trust the process! She's looking out for you." - Allison Giroday Makeup

  •  You are tired of living some BS non-truth and you know you have more to give the world and to your self
  •  You are ready to unleash who you are and your voice, personally and professionally in all areas of your life
  •  You are in a continuous state of committing to going to the next level of your life despite the discomfort that comes with
  •  You have a voice and message that needs to be heard and you want to learn how to best express it, and get paid for it
  •   You understand that growth, change and transformation takes time and that your results are ultimately based on how you show up and commit
  •  You are committed to doing the SOUL acknowledgement work required to shift you into the next level of you and you know the work never stops
"Sloan has instilled a confidence in me around money, abundance and living a life better than I'd ever thought through her mentoring. For the longest time I felt like I was, "right there", only to slip back into old habits and resort to fear-based thinking. Her coaching has helped me to start 3 business' in the last 3 months in a completely new & booming industry, and to overcome self-doubt. I've often gotten stuck in my own head and Sloan has a way of helping me see myself as a being who has an even greater potential to become better - which we all needs sometimes. She's helped me believe in myself and overcome massive roadblocks in such a short time. I can't wait to see what this year has in store." - Brock Cannon, CEO & Founder Prevail Botanicals, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Author of Amazon Best Seller 'The Switchback Approach'

"Sloan is an incredible sounding board to help me monetize my ideas and her advice is always precise, clear and game changing." - Vanessa Spina, Author & Start-up Founder of Ketogenic Girl and the 28-Day Ketogenic Girl Challenge

"I wasn't booked and was money-scarce in December. Within three weeks of group coaching with Sloan things changed. My shoots got picked up by major publications, opportunities were finding me, and I got to start choosing my projects instead of wondering where the next one was coming from." - Stacey Everett, Founder, Stylist & Officiant at Sylver Weddings 

"Working with Sloan early on has allowed me to overcome many obstacles that a new entrepreneur would encounter if alone on this wonderful/ terrifying journey.When I first met Sloan, I was feeling lost in my career and desired to leave my safe job to live my purpose but I had no idea how to grow my side hustle {live out my purpose in life} to a place of earning enough. I'm beyond grateful for the growth that my business has come to in just 6 months of working with Sloan. I had no clue how to structure my business and set it up for success, or what that even looked like for me. As a controller I had a difficult time trusting someone else to show me how to structure my business but I'm so happy I made that decision early on. As a busy mom, wife and new entrepreneur and I value time and effort in the things I put my energy into. Building a brand, creating service structure and managing my finances is something that I needed to work on, I was afraid to get busy and had a unhealthy money mindset. I believe this specifically has allowed me to shift my mindset about money and success which has helped me to believe in my greatness. All of this has brought my business from 0 clients and a dream to serving 1X1 clients, on a waitlist to talk to me and wanting to learn my ways. I get to choose my client roster and grow my business in a way that benefits me, my time, family and soul. I could not have been in the place that I'm at now without her guidance,support and professionalism." - Crystal Karamessinis, Lifestyle, Nutrition & CPT Coach

  • Complete this form and you will be contacted within 24 hours for a complimentary session to chat next steps 
  •  Once you've completed the form, think about what you really want. Think about your best case scenario. Think about what's not working right now and what gets to happen to bridge the gap and get you to where you want to be. 
  •  You are always only one decision away from a completely different life. Life can change rapidly and in my experience, within 4 months in big, material ways. 
  • My intention behind our call will is supporting you in making the best recommendation possible. If we aren't a match, I have several trusted sources and resources I'm able to point you in the direction of ~ 
2019 Sloan Lauinger
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